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Selected Writing

Latest Work

I've written features, reviews and opinion pieces for publications such as the New Yorker, New Statesman, Atlantic, Financial Times, Guardian, Granta, Bookseller, Literary Review, LA Review of Books, Elephant, Garage and Artsy.  Commission me


For PORT, I spoke to author Catherine Lacey about her new book, Biography of X, art monsters and the changing face of the American South.


I wrote for the Financial Times on the beauty of the Schaffer Residence, the home at the heart of the film A Single Man. 

elaine kraf.PNG

I wrote a piece for The New Yorker on the novelist Elaine Kraf, who wrote a classic novel, The Princess of 72nd Street, and then disappeared from view.


I reviewed Jonas Eika's award-winning novel After the Sun for Literary Review.

adam curtis.PNG

For The Atlantic I wrote about the phenomenon surrounding Adam Curtis, a BBC documentary maker and unlikely hero to today's young leftists.


For MEL magazine I wrote about the trend of portraying certain authors as the preserve of toxic men and spoke about why, rather than redressing wrongs, this trope is reductive and lazy.


I reviewed Nadia Terranova's Martoglio Prize-winning Farewell Ghosts for The Guardian. 


For The Times Literary Supplement, I wrote on the future of documenting author correspondence in an age of instant communication.

Notebook and Pen

For The Bookseller I wrote on the financial realities of being a writer in 2020, speaking to two authors on how they afford to create while keeping the lights on.


For Granta's end of year 'best books' feature, I wrote about Magda Szabó's The Door, spirituality, faith and food. 


I went to Oslo to interview one of Norway's foremost authors, Vigdis Hjorth, whose novel Will and Testament has been published in English for the first time by Verso. We spoke about philosophy, the Norwegian literary tradition and fiction vs. reality for the LA Review of Books.


For the Guardian I explored Shakespeare & Company's status as a bookshop, tourist trap and literary mecca, for its hundred-year anniversary. 


For Port Magazine I wrote on Dawson's Heights, a modernist housing estate in south-east London, focusing on its radical architecture and politics.

Image: Sadie Catt


I was commissioned by Elephant magazine to interview Jarman-Award-nominated artist Imran Perretta. We talked about way his works interrogate society, the political culture of their manufacture and his artistic influences.

Image: the destructors, Imran Perretta (2019)


I was asked by Artsy to write on the queer potentials of the painting Gabrielle d'Estrées and One of Her Sisters. In it I explored how we talk about historical representations of queerness in a modern context.

Image: Musée du Louvre


For Granta I wrote a lyrical essay on misogyny, the demonisation of women throughout history, the #MeToo movement, vagina dentata, Lorena Bobbitt, and the dream of being able to fight back.

In honour of Tate Modern's landmark retrospective, I wrote for Artsy on Pierre Bonnard and Edward Vuillard and their use of colour to signal domesticity.

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